Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Made Over

I am not really a makeup kind of girl. I've always wanted to be able to wear smokey eyes for a night on the town but I've never perfected the art of eyeliner (let alone the shadow it must take to pull off the look). But, with a friend's wedding coming up and the eye shadow I purchased over a year ago running dry, I hit the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom last Saturday and emerged with a whole new look. I left feeling pulled together, but most importantly, like me. I've even had a couple compliments at work. Oh, la la.

Image via Musings of a Muse.

Miracle Manor Retreat

As mentioned in my previous post, our girls weekend in the desert had a last-minute change of venues. Instead of the Viceroy, we stayed at Miracle Manor Retreat in Desert Hot Springs. It's a quaint B&B off the beaten path, pleasantly refurbished and definitely a retreat from frenetic life of Los Angeles. (The inn keeper even whispered as she showed us to our room.) The furnishings were nice, the rooms clean, and I definitely enjoyed the complimentary breakfast and bottomless coffee both mornings. But, for the girls staying in Room #3, it would have been more a lot more relaxing if the AC didn't fizzle out in one of our rooms on not one but two nights. After a toasty first night, the AC issue was brought to the attention of the helpful inn keeper and she promptly called in reinforcements to "fix" the issue. But, when we made our way back to Miracle Manor after a full day at the Parker, the AC still wasn't working. We're talking about the desert in May, with day-time temps over 100 degrees. There's just no excuse a faulty AC. And, upon check out, hotel management only wanted to provide a 10 percent discount on one night. Unfortunately, that's not enough to win me over for a second stay.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank you Mister Parker for pulling a rabbit out of your hat

Some last minute changes led to a shift in venues for my girl’s weekend in Palm Springs this past weekend. Instead of the Viceroy we found ourselves shacking up in Desert Hot Springs at Miracle Manor (more on that in a future post). And, instead of checking out Estrella Spa at the Viceroy, I finally had an opportunity to visit the Palm Springs Yacht Club at The Parker. Thank you Mister Parker. You did not disappoint. Click "Read more..." below for the full scoop.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spa 24/7

I kind of consider myself a spanista (you know, like a fashionista, but of spas). But, with all my spa experience, can you believe I've never been to a Korean spa?! I know, I'm kind of shocked too. I guess I didn't really think about it, or understand the Korean spa tradition, until I heard rave reviews of the Olympic Spa from numerous people. So, I started doing some research and came across Wi Spa (corner of Wilshire and Rampart). The whooping 48,000 square foot space includes
hot tubs, cold tubs, dry saunas, steam saunas, a full restaurant, fitness facilities and even a co-ed waiting room. To top it all off, it's open 24/7. So, if you're dying for a shiatsu rub down at 2 a.m. this is the place for you. If anyone's been, let me know. I'm dying for a first-hand review.

Photo of the Salt Sauna via the Wi Spa website.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIY - Spa Goodies Class

Just in time for Mother's Day, The Craft Kitchen is hosting a DIY spa goodies workshop at The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica. For $65 (supplies included) you'll learn how to make a boatload of spa goodies including soy candles, scrubs, beeswax lip balm, lip gloss, soap, spritzers & bath bomb. I'd be there in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a lunch date planned with my mom. Saturday, May 8. Sign-up here.